TV Actress Adaa Khan's Birthday Plans!

Come 12th May and popular actress Adaa Khan of Naagin fame will celebrate her birthday and she will follow her passion on this birthday which is travelling. Speaking on her birthday plans Adaa says, “I always prefer to go out of Mumbai during my birthday. I don't like birthday bashes. Probably I would be spending 11th-night with my friends and family and will cut the cake. And on the 12th I will leave Bombay for three days." 
What you will gift yourself on your birthday? "Trip. My passion is traveling and that's what I have gifted myself on my birthday and I have decided I would go on a trip instead of spending money on big birthday bashes. Giving myself a holiday is like a stress buster. Whenever I go close to nature I feel rich." When asked about her birthday wishes the pretty actress says," I don't expect anything from life. Whatever I get, I am very thankful. I take life as it comes, nothing is planned. I like it when life surprises me. The first ritual which I follow during my birthday is I pray and since the time my mom is not here I miss her and I cut the cake remembering her. I always cut my cake with my family. My favourite flavour of cake is either chocolate or red velvet."


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