The Relentless Pursuits

It seems to be a season of resignations. A majority of colleagues in my office are on the spree of putting down their papers, and what is more alarming is that they are doing so in unison. Calling them colleagues would be unjust as most of them happen to be my close pals.
Weather was pleasant when I entered my office today. As I walked in I found no one, except the office boys, who were doing their work diligently. Employees started pouring in a little while later. Since morning there was a sinister air everywhere in the office. I had inking of what was going to happen in a few hours to come though. Almost an hour elapsed and the cards unfolded. When the news of some of my close friends' resignation reached me, I was not at all surprised. I knew obvious reasons that prompted them to bid adieu to the place where they have been working for more than two years now.    
In our relentless pursuits of passion and profession, we human beings tend to give more importance to profession. Profession which we choose to earn our livelihood brings along the position that even an insane would love to attain. After all, a respectful position in society is what we all run after throughout our life. It is something we have taught to earn by our parents and well-wishers. One thing that oftentimes goes to take a backseat in this ceaseless pursuit is our passion. Nevertheless, our life is designed that way! Profession teaches us professionalism, and I am happy to see these guys have behaved professionally, sticking to what is just and judicious. Kudos to you guys! May God fulfill all your dreams and show you the path of success and glory!

I will miss you all. Your departure is like a personal loss for me and nothing in the world can compensate for this huge loss. Most of you have become a reason behind every smile that flashes on my face. I am indebted to you people for innumerable things and countless magical moments. Mentioning each one of them here will consume months or even years. But I assure you your precious moments will be stored in my mind till I breathe my last. Each and every fraction of time I spent with you is simply unforgettable, and I feel proud to pronounce that the time we have spent with one another is going to shape my experiences throughout my existence in this mundane creation of God. We have forged a relationship that will always be as meaningful outside the premises of this office as it is inside it. Love you, guys!


  1. I felt, all employee have taken the right decision.

  2. Abe yr. rulaega kya? Bro. hum sab hamesha sath rhenge abhi to boht parties krni h hume ek sath..Nd yr. u r such a great writter. I just wish to give you a huge thumbs up for your excellent blogs.

  3. Thanks a ton, dude! Whenever we will gather together, we will paint the entire town red.

  4. Behtrein Step up by vedasian gang!!!


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