Producer Rashmi Sharma on venturing into film production!

After ruling television and creating a niche for herself in the industry, renowned producer Rashmi Sharma has now ventured into film production. Her first film ‘Pink’ is already winning millions of hearth all over the country for its bold and sensitive content. Her second film ‘Days Of Tafree’ has also opened to good response at the box-office this Friday. In an exclusive email-interview with Bollywood & TV Reporter, Mohnish Singh, Rashmi talks about what brought her to films and made her choose ‘Pink’ as her first film as a producer.
You are a big name in television industry. So, what made you take a plunge into film production?
We have been making shows for Television since quite a long time. We enjoy doing that and will continue making shows in future too, but my husband Pawan Ji believed that we must together creatively venture into films as our next step forward with a new sister company 'Rashmi Sharma Films' and that is when we put thought into how would we want to go about making our way through Bollywood.
Like all your television serials, your maiden production Pink also talks about women and the various issues they face in society. What convinced you to take up Pink as your first project as a producer?
I chose PINK as Rashmi Sharma Film's first project because of the film's subject and the message which it is trying to convey to the audiences. I could easily relate to it because I strongly believe into too. I feel parents, youth and everyone should watch this film as it's a subject which talks about the current scenario and it's totally apt. It talks about the situations which are occurring around us and this film is a perfect answer to those situations. As a female producer I feel this film is one of those which needs to be shown. I have not produced this film to earn great success at box office but as a female I want to convey this message and speak on behalf of every girl who wants the world to know about this issue.
Are we going to see more women-centric films from Rashmi Sharma Films?
I have always been very certain that strong subject is what attracts me and motivates me to make any kind of cinematic representations. The content should be believable and relatable to the audiences. Be it comedy, romance, thriller, drama, etc.; the impact should be such that the audience takes the film home along with them in their minds and heart and not leave it behind in the movie theatre itself.
Renowned filmmaker Soojit Sircar is also co-producing the film with you. How did you get in touch with him and decide to produce this film?
Shoojit Sircar is known to be a very creative person and it was just that creativity which got us together. 
How does it feel to have a legendary actor like Amitabh Bachchan in your first production?
It is an honor and privilege to get associated with the megastar Amitabh Bachchan. He is one of the finest actors in Bollywood, having immense zeal to work even at his age.
Did you learn anything special from Mr. Bachchan during the shoot of the film?
Whenever you are around Mr. Bachchan his aura and personality take you by surprise. His personality, dedication and hard work is an inspiration to everyone. 
Your second production, Days Of Tafree, has also released. What did you have to say about the film?
Days of Tafree is a fun, lighthearted film  with a simple message of rejuvenating one’s college days and remembering the unforgettable memories with your friends.  It is an adaption of the Gujarati super hit film 'Chhello Divas'  with an extremely fresh cast and fun content.
Now since you are into film production as well, so how are you going to manage both films and television?
Television is my foundation and I am always going to continue working for it.  We have worked for several years in television so by now we have learned the act of multi tasking.  Getting into film was a pre-planned, thoughtful decision, we both are creative person and looking forward to explore our creativity in both the fields.
Your husband Pawan has been your constant support since a long time now. How much credit do you give to your husband in your success?–
I give all my credits to Pawan Ji. He is the reason I am where I am. Every decision related to our field we take with each other's support and inspiration to progress in life.
Any other movies you have decided to produce?
There are a few very interesting projects that are in talks but I think this is very early to disclose anything about them. For now, I am concentrating highly on PINK and Days of Tafree.


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