Nawazuddin Siddiqui on his film 'Freaky Ali'!

Who knew that the guy who did a couple of blink-and-you-miss-it roles in various films would become one of the most sought-after actors of Bollywood one day? But Nawazuddin Siddiqui has done it. Today, critics and audience love him in equal measures. He is one of the finest actors Bollywood has seen off late. If you disagree with me on that, you have not most probably seen his work and the gallery of distinctive characters he has played so effortlessly onscreen. In his next film ‘Freaky Ali’, he will again be seen doing something totally different. The actor plays a golf player in the Sohail Khan directorial. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood & TV Reporter Mohnish Singh, Nawaz talks about his latest film, his decision of focusing more on lighthearted roles in coming few years, and forthcoming projects. 
Please, tell us something about your film Freaky Ali?
The film is based against the backdrop of Golf. However, there are loads of emotions and drama also. It shows the journey of an ordinary man who goes on to become a Golf champion, in a very freaky way. 
What kind of preparations you had to do to get into the skin of your character?
Since I did not know how to play Golf, I had to first learn that. I am romancing first time in any film. I had to even dance in it. So I had to learn dance as well. Romancing a heroine was a bit difficult for me as I have never done so before. In most of my previous films, I have mostly beaten up and murdered people, but here everything was smooth and lighthearted.
What was more challenging for you, romance or dance?
 I think romance.
You had always said you never get heroines to romance, but this film has fulfilled your wish. What was your reaction when you were told you had a heroine in the film?
Of course, I felt extremely good. Now I feel I should be doing more such lighthearted comedies and romantic films. I think for next five years I am not going to do any serious role. I have had enough of maar-dhaad.
You always say that you like challenging yourself. So which kind of challenging roles we can expect from you in coming years?
I am ready to do everything that gets me out of my comfort zone. I always try to steer clear of stereotypical characters. Even if I do a hardcore love story in future, I will do it differently.
To what extent do you relate to each one of your character?
I think, even if you don’t relate to your character, you should do it. For example, the character which I played in Raman Raghav. 2.0 was diametrically opposite to what I am as a person in real life, but still I did it with full passion. You just need to get into the psyche of the character you play, to translate it honestly onscreen. There are thousands of characters within you. All you need to do is to tap them and channelize their energies in the right direction. 
Your film is clashing with Baar Baar Dekho. Do you think the clash will affect the box office outcome of both the films?
See, every film has its own destiny. I think our country has a plenty of theaters to accommodate two films. But I would like to say ‘Freaky Ali Baar Baar Dekho.’
How was your experience working under the direction of Sohail Khan?
It was an amazing experience. He is very humble, very cool and very down-to-earth. He has added on his own humor to certain scenes, and I must say they have come out beautifully.
What is next in the pipeline?
Next film that I am doing is Munna Michael with Sabbir Khan. Besides that, I also have Manto with Nandita Das.


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