Narendra Jha on how has 2016 been for him!

Nowadays, talented and versatile actor Narendra Jha excels in every film he appears in. His terrific performance in the Sunny Deol directorial Ghayal Once Again received the plaudits it deserved. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood & TV Reporter, Mohnish Singh, the very fine actor talks about how the year 2016 has been for him, which one of his character is more like him and whether or not we will see him on television anytime soon. Excerpts…
Year 2016 is about to end. How has been this year for you?
2016 has been a wonderful year. I got a chance to be a part of some brilliant films this year. People appreciated my character Raj Bansal from Ghayal Once Again a lot. I also had a very important role in Mohenjo Daro, but unfortunately the film did not live up to the audiences’ expectation. But before I bid adieu to 2016, there is another important film of mine set to release in December. It is titled 2016: The End. It is written-directed by Jaideep Chopra under the banner Jaideep Chopra Productions. Besides that, there is one more film that may release this year. I have no idea about its release date. 2016 has also been special for one more reason: I started working for ‘Raees’ in the beginning of the year. I also started doing ‘Kaabil’ this year only. So, yes, 2016 has been an amazing year for me.
How did you bag the role in ‘Ghayal Once Again?
One fine day I got a call from Sunny Deol’s office. They had begun the casting for the film, but I had no idea that they wanted me for the role of main antagonist in the film. I thought it would be any insignificant role. But when they finally told me that they are making a sequel to Ghayal and are looking for an actor who could play a character like Balwant Roy, I got very excited. I went to their office, auditioned and bagged the role.
Who do you like more: Sunny Deol as an actor or director?
Of course, Sunny Deol as a director. Sunny Paaji has done a lot of successful films also, but I am a fan of his direction.
You have portrayed so many characters in your career so far. Which of them has been most like you?
I think Dr. Meer Hilal from the film Haider. Though the character did not get the kind of patronage it should have probably got, but that character is very close to what I am as a human being.
You have done television also. What kind of difference or similarity you find in both the medium.
Today, television is as big a medium as films. Television is also very creative like films, but the main difference is that in television you work like a machine. You have to deliver 3-4 scenes before the end of the day otherwise, at times, you may end up paying a hefty fine. While in films, you work very systemically. You can do a certain scenes in more than hundred ways until you are satisfied. There is no race to deliver.
Apart from acting, is there any other arena of filmmaking that you would like to explore in future?
Not really. I love what I do. I always wanted to act and will continue to do so as long as possible. Right now, many good opportunities are coming my way. In coming years you might see me doing Hollywood projects as well. So, apart from acting I don’t think I can focus on anything else. But yes, if ten years down the line I get a script that excites me a lot, then maybe I can think of direction.
Are you ready for television again?
Not really. Television takes a lot of time. You need to devote 14-15 hours of a day to it. But if there is a strong character for which I need to shoot for only 10 or 12 days, then maybe I can think of it.


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