Guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan on his film 'MSG The Warrior Lion Heart'!

He is not a typical Bollywood stars, but his films keep the cash registers ringing at the box-office on their release. After the humongous success of his previous two films namely MSG The Messenger and MSG-2 The Messenger, self-styled Guru Ram Rahim Singh Insan is back with the third installment of the film. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood & TV Reporter, Mohnish Singh, he talks candidly about his film, its next installment and much more.
Please, tell us something about your film MSG The Warrior Lion Heart?
MSG The Warrior Lion Heart is a story of a Rajput warrior who is also a top secret agent. The film shows how he saves the dignity of nation’s mothers and sisters without caring for his life. He fights with aliens. How he fights with them all alone and makes them bite the dust is a mystery which will unravel once you watch the film. As I mentioned before, he is a top secret agent. He is very hi-tech. He has James Bond kind of style. The film tells you how he transformed into what he is today.
Where did the idea come from to make this film?
After the stupendous success of MSG-2 The Messenger, we made a new film titled Online Gurukul. We shot the film in four months. It was very big in its scale, like that of Avatar in English. But it needed a lot of time for its VFX and other technical stuff. So we decided to make another film in between. This is how the idea for this film emerged. Though we shot MSG The Warrior Lion Heart in flat 25 days, it is as big a film as other films of mine. Our scriptures mention that there are thousands of planets like us. Taking inspiration from that, we thought of basing our story around aliens. Aliens are like humans only, but they are more advanced than us when it comes to technology and inventions. Their way of speaking is different from us because their atmosphere is totally different.
Your previous films MSG The Messenger and MSG-2 The Messenger were dubbed and released in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and English also apart from Hindi. So, will the next installment also release in these languages?
Yes, MSG The Warrior Lion Heart will be released in all the language that you have just mentioned.
Your daughter is co-directing the film along with you. How has been the experience?
I successfully directed first two installments of the film. I have called the shots for this film also, but this time around my daughter was also there to lend her helping hand. I taught her the nuances of filmmaking while I was making first two parts. Apart from directing the film, she has acted in it also. One of my other daughters has also performed in the film. If feels very good when your son or daughter works with you. I would feel very happy when she used to come and ask me to do certain scene in a certain way, while shooting. I would always encourage her.
You are the hero, scriptwriter, director, dialogue writer, costume and prop designer, playback singer, VFX supervisor and what not in this film. You have almost 30 credits in the new production. Where this energy and enthusiasm comes from?
I am also a normal human being like others. I have been worshiping God since my childhood. I used to meditate 14-15 hours continuously in the beginning. As far as these credits are concerned, I think it is the power of my devotion to God.
Your each film becomes top grosser. What is that thing which appeals so much to the audience?
My films provide wholesome entertainment to the audience. You can watch them with your entire family as there is no nudity and no obscenity. You will find even more entertainment in the upcoming installment of the film. There is romance. There are songs also.
Are there any plans for the fourth installment of the film?
We have already made the fourth part. As I mentioned in the beginning, it is called Online Gurukul. The film will have gist of all our Holy Books like Geeta, Quran, Bible and Guru Granth Sahib. I have read all these books. And that is the reason I believe in all religions. Every religion teaches God is one. Now we have started working on the fifth film of the franchise. A set has already been erected. People say you cannot create comedy without having double meaning; we will nullify that theory with our fifth film. You will get to see healthy comedy in it.
Majority of people in our country still don’t have access to theaters. Television is the only medium they have to get entertained. Does your production house Hakikat Entertainment have any plans to create content for them?
Yes, we have done a lot of planning to reach out to as many people as possible. There are a number of players and freedom fighters in our country who once made our country proud, but currently they are living under extremely unfavorable condition. Some of them are even forced to sell things on footpaths to earn their bread and better. There are innumerable stories of our army jawans which needs to be told. To begin with, we have first taken up the issue of female feticide. We have even made some episodes on the issues. Our audience will soon get to see and know more about some more poignant issues on their television sets.  


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