Gaurav Arora On 'Raaz Reboot'!

Newbie Gaurav Arora, who made his acting debut with ‘Love Games,’ is all set to send chills down your spine with his upcoming film, ‘Raaz Reboot.’ In an exclusive interview with Bollywood & TV Reporter, Mohnish Singh, hot and handsome actor opens up about his horror movie and his close association with the Bhatt camp.
Tell us a bit about your film Raaz Reboot?
With Raaz Reboot, we are rebooting the ‘Raaz’ franchise in terms of visuals, narrative, horror element, music and subject. Somehow the film will take you to Raaz one. In fact, there is a strong connect to the entire Raaz franchise. Apart from that, there is a lot of love, heartbreak, pain and secrets. There is a horror element of another level, something which you would have not seen in Hindi films till now. Whatever the trailer of the film reveal, is very limited. The film has much more to offer. Till the very end, the audience won’t be able to find out the secret.
When Raaz released way back in 2002, had you ever thought that one day you would be a part of the franchise?
I was actually in boarding school back then. I remember that we friends had bunked our classes to watch the film. There was no trend of franchises at that point of time, so frankly speaking I had never thought I would be a part of ‘Raaz’ franchise someday. But today, here I am! I am more than happy to be associated with such a big franchise.
What drew you to your character in the film?
My character is very intense in the film. The film starts off with a young couple who met in Romania. They fall in love, get married and come back to Mumbai. The real story starts unfolding when they go back to Romania from Mumbai. Secrets, which were once buried, start unraveling slowly, slowly. My character does not speak much; he speaks through his eyes. He is introvert. There are grey shades in him, which actually made me to take up this role as playing a grey character gives you a lot of depth, a lot of layers.
This is your second film with Bhatts after Love Games. So, how do you describe your association with the camp?
It has been a great association. They have been known for launching newcomers. I remember when I was signing the contract Vikram Sir told me that after Emraan Hashmi and John Abraham, Vishesh Films was launching a new guy. It was happening after a decade or so. So, he said there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.
Raaz franchise basically belongs to Emraan Hashmi as he has appeared in the second, third and now the fourth installment of the film. So, were you a little apprehensive about signing the film thinking that his presence may overshadow your character in the film?
While I was shooting for Love Games on the very first day, Vikram Sir offered me this film. He just gave me a one liner and jumped on the opportunity. Frankly speaking, I never thought I would be overshadowed because of Emraan. With his presence, I think, the value of the film increases manifolds. 


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