Aamir Khan: The Numero Uno King of Bollywood

It's the perfectionist Aamir Khan who took the Indian Box Office by storm with his action-packed psychological thriller Ghajini way back in 2008, laying the foundation of the then most coveted Rs. 100 Crore Club. The actor proved his mettle again with his 2009 coming of age comedy-drama film 3 Idiots, which went on to score more than 200 Crore in the domestic market and carved out a brand new Rs. 200 Crore Club, which is still one of the most sought after clubs which hundreds of actors, directors and producers aim to be a part of.
Come 2014 and history is written again by Aamir Khan and how! With his latest satirical comedy drama film, PK, the seasoned actor pretty much continues the ritual of carving out new clubs. This time, it is Rs. 300 Crore Club which has been brought into existence by none other than the pioneer of Hundred Crore Clubs, Aamir Khan.
Directed by one of the most acclaimed and prolific filmmakers of modern times, Rajkumar Hirani, PK has kept the cash registers ringing by recording earth-shattering box office collections not only in domestic circuits, but at international front too. The film has minted humongous 305 crore within just seventeen days of its release. That is indeed phenomenal! With this, the film has emerged as the highest grossing film of Hindi Cinema, a feat which is surely going to be a herculean task to achieve for all the biggies in times to come.
Aamir’s PK is one of those rare gems from the bouquet of Bollywood which blends humor and satire very beautifully. Featuring Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput alongside Aamir, the social satire is critical of people’s blind faith in godmen and their sophistry. The film’s content invited wrath of several religious groups from different quarters of India. But braving all the protests and surviving the turbulent times, Aamir’s film has really done the unthinkable in terms of commerce by showing unprecedented box office performance and, at the same time, reinforcing the faith that content is king. The film proves that no one can hold a candle to Aamir Khan in terms of versatility and creativity.
There is no gainsaying the fact that with his latest release, PK, Aamir has left all the stars of his league way behind and has reaffirmed his position as the Numero Uno actor when it comes to meeting commerce. Now it will be interesting to see which of the other Khans manages to break the humongous record set by Aamir Khan. Or will it be Aamir again who will smash his own record by creating Rs. 400 Crore Club with his next release? Let’s wait and watch.


  1. It's undoubtedly true he's the number one actor today.


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