Content Is King

Content is king in each arena of creativity and the success of John Abraham starrer Madras Café just proves that emphatically. Watching a film that boasts of high content rather than the mammoth star cast and posh locations is always immensely pleasurable. A film like Madras Café satiates the quench of those cinema lovers who yearn to watch a film where they do not need to keep their brains at home before heading towards their nearest cinema hall or multiplex. 

After the remarkable success of Vicky Donor, John Abraham for one more time produces a film which belongs to a thematic terrain which has been never discovered before in Hindi Cinema. With Madras Café, John has waded even more deeply into the realm of sensible cinema. It is praiseworthy that he does not fall prey to the consideration for the commercial interests. He is balanced and his priority is making a film which leaves an indelible impact on the society, rather than competing mindlessly with other films to find a place in a certain kind of club. He is a producer who shows honesty while dealing with the subject of his films and refuses fawning to the number game at the Indian Box Office.
His originality in subject selection has paid off well so far. Be it his last outing Vicky Donor or the latest offering Madras Café, both of his productions have been successful in spelling their charm on the audience and raking in profits for him and other associates as well. Audience-driven content and compelling storytelling are one of those factors that made John Abraham a producer that he is today. His ventures have added substantial value to his nascent production company.

Soojit Sarkar, director of both his films, has sincerely given his contribution towards the rise of JA Entertainment. He has been honest in sharing his perspectives in films from the viewpoint of an audience-an audience which wants sensible cinema. His treatment is par excellence with veterans of yesteryears. If it had not been so, critics and the audience would not have taken much time tagging Vicky Donor a shockingly rude film. 
Edgy content, not to mention sophisticated and crisp direction, is what a serious film junkie is in dire need of. Though viewers don’t mind spending money on mindless comedies, time and again an urge emerges inside them to please their intellectual senses. I hope producers and directors do a favor and churn out films that throw some light on intelligence of evolving Indian Cinema.


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