Our Indian Superhero Is Back

After seven long years, our indigenous superhero makes his present felt. He comes with a bang, promising to save the entire world from evil coming Diwali. I waited for Krrish 3 with bated breath and finally its trailer is out to cast a spell on the world. Going by its exquisite look and breathtakingly stunning visuals, it is sure the movie has potential to shatter all the Box Office records and become Hritik Roshan's most successful film to date. I wish him all the very best!

Krrish 3, prequel to Krrish arrives with a lot of promise. It was almost seven years ago when Krrish took the entire nation by storm and paved way for superhero movies in India. Overwhelming action sequences coupled with melodious music is what made Krrish a brand that it is today. If producer and director Rakesh Roshan wishes to recreate that magic  once again, I guess, he would have not left any stone unturned to make Krrish 3 as appealing and perfect as possible. Krrish 3, which is branded as the concluding part of the series, has high expectations on stake. From industry experts to actors associated with the film, everyone is waiting for the wonder that this movie can do at the Box Office. Let's wait and watch how far our superhero journeys at the Box Office!


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