kalki Koechlin And Her Unintentional Controversy

Her unconventional looks and choice of hatke or you can say edgy characters brought her dollops of fame and fans. She lives pretty high on the hog, has her own distinct style and her own different ways of doing and perceiving things, something which seems a bit bizarre to the piercing eyes of the world. Though she has been seen in films you can count on the fingers of your hands, she has carved out a distinct identity for herself in the shifty world of Bollywood. She has got the position most of aspiring artists want to reach. Need I mention who I am talking about? She is none other than Kalki Koechlin.

The girl from Dev D and That Girl in a Yellow Boot is in news. She is outrageously angry with her designers and their bitter comments which they made during the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week 2013. Kalki has been called “mentally disturbed” by the designers. All this transpired as the showstopper Kalki Koechlin forgot to walk the runway along with her designers. This unintentional move of hers led to the entire controversy and designer duo did not take much time in crossing their boundaries and tagging her mentally unstable. Perhaps designers had thought that blemishing a renowned celebrity would make them and, of course, their collection center of everybody’s attention. What a cheap way of garnering publicity!

Not only in the glittery world of films but also in all corners of the world everything comes at price. Kalki, who is married to ace film director Anurag Kashyap and has never been mired in any controversy of this magnitude, should have been aware of this bitter truth so far. This is perhaps her first date with it and that is why she is not able to brush it aside so easily. Her anger has touched new heights and she is feeling devastated. My sympathy is with the girl who has taught us that an actress’s role in a film is more than just gyrating around shady trees and being an object of hero’s love and villain’s lust. I think her exasperation is not wrong and not at all could be termed as star tantrum. No one has the right to make unceremoniously acerbic comments about anyone- be it a star or common man-in public domains. I would suggest designer duo to find another way of getting attentions. There are many. Believe me. 


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