India, A Nation of Unique Relations

On 15th August, 2013 India celebrates its 67th Independence Day with great fervor and passion.You would have witnessed an august celebration of unity and integrity across the entire length and breadth of the country on television. Numerous cultural events marked the presence of the day which holds a special place in hearts of all Indians irrespective of cast, creed, community and color. Indeed, India is a unique nation, showcasing an interesting amalgamation of composite culture and rich heritage. The more you know about it, the more it mesmerizes you. 

What attracts me more towards my own country is its everlasting unity and distinct cultures.  India is a land of diverse cultures, cohabiting together peacefully since ages. We have taught something and learnt something from other cultures that have become an integral part of our nation over the centuries.  Everyone in the country has forged an intimate relationship with one another – a relationship that is beyond the narrow politics of division, destruction and self-centeredness. However, like any other relationship this special bond has also gone sour time and again. But since we know one cannot live without the people of his species and hence, we bump into each other over and again not accidentally but purposely.

They say that what binds people together is more powerful and infectious than hatred. It seems supremely true in the case of relationship we share with our people in India. I have seen the magic of nationalism combined with humanity in time of need. I have felt the charm of nationalism which makes us an Indian, not a Hindu and Muslim. It is this nationalism that motivated us to extend our helping hands when cloudburst in Uttarakhand washed away millions of houses and claimed thousands of lives. It is the same nationalism that prompted Mumbaikers to open their doors for them who were stranded during devastating rains in Maharashtra in 2005.

When it comes to nationalism, our religion takes a back seat. And, I think, it should always be that way only. Nationalism is always superior to any religion and its bind people together. It is true at times we have fought, abused and looted our own men and women. But it is also true that we reconcile and bounce back easily as the nature of our unique relationship with people is very springy. Nothing can stay us apart! People coming from foreign lands get surprised to witness India’s integrity and wonder how strong that thread is that binds each inhabitant of this wonder land together. That thread is nothing else but love in the form of nationalism! We love our nation. We love our people. We love our culture. This is our love that lets this unique relationship flourish unconditionally. 


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