Happy Birthday, Krishna!

Many, many happy returns of the day, dear Krishna! Your birthday has always been special, for it brings a lot of joy and a halo of sanctity, purity and glory that surrounds the whole firmament on the day you descended on this mother earth. Dollops of blessed food coupled with overflowing earthen glasses of charnamrit distributed with supreme generosity at temples might be a selfish reason most of the people wait for your birthday with bated breath.
I know you are quite busy observing your birthday preparations that are in full swing everywhere. Your devotees across India and abroad are leaving no stone unturned to ensure everything is done immaculately and to perfection. But whenever you find some free time and think of taking a short break, do pay a bit of attention to my earnest concerns. They are genuine and need immediate attention of yours. Before moving ahead, let me ask you one thing? Do you know what is happening in your world?  If not, then let me apprise you of how low it has stooped. Much to your surprise, most of untoward and unpleasant things are being done by some people who claim to be your devotees. They claim to possess power for making divine communication or revelation.
Presently the plight of your world is depressing. People, who chant your mantras, recite your poems and convey your messages of karma to the world seem to have gone insane. Sins and temptations of this mundane world have started fascinating them like never before and they do not contemplate much before deflowering innocent lives just to slake their rising lust. They seem to have geared up to defile the meaning of sagaciousness. I am chagrined at the poor condition of your creation and where it is heading. It has benumbed my senses. Towering above everything else, it has confounded people. They are confused and can’t recognize who is their savoir and who is the destroyers. 

If you can see what I see, do something to save the humanity. Teach a lesson or two to those who have gained certain majestic dignity by playing with the feelings of devotees over the years. It would be so cool if you come riding on your magnificent chariot with gigantic quivers fastened to your back and slash off the heads of phantoms disguised as priests and saints. I hope you grant my wish. Happy birthday once again! 


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