The Royal Baby

The empire of England welcomes the newest addition to the royal family. Millions of congratulatory messages pour in from the entire length and breadth of the world as Prince William and Kate Middleton announce the arrival of the new prince, who will carry the family and its glorious legacy forward.

Prachi, my colleague, knows the importance and gravity of the news. We both work for an online news portal and the immediacies of working for a news related website are that you have to be really quick and fast.
Prachi came running to me in the morning and said, “Have you got the news Kate delivered a baby boy?” Excitement is her voice was conspicuously palpable.  “I have sent to you a link on Outlook. Open it and write an article.”
Following her command, I opened and hit the link along with several other links on the same story to piece together all the details and come up with an interesting article.
“What is the word limit?” I asked, adjusting my spectacles which were hanging on my nose.
“Hmmm…write around 300 words,” she hissed, blinking her bulbous eyes. Prachi returned to her seat, leaving me alone to play with words.
Apart from just reading several news articles as a source, I also viewed some videos as well. Overly exhilarated crowd assembles outside Buckingham Palace in London. Everyone is on cloud night. International media is going gaga over the news, simply because it has got fodder for some days to come. Ever since the news of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, being pregnant came out, the international media did not take much time in shifting their entire attention on everything that Kate Middleton was doing during her pregnancy. Now, after the delivery, the world is waiting for the very first glimpse of the newly-born prince with bated breath.
In this celebrity-driven world every celebrity has to pay price for being a celebrity. Sitting inside my cabin, I mull over the idea what a celebrity feels when media personnel run after them like some hungry hounds to encroach their privacy and even beyond that. Do they ever think to run away from hounding shutterbugs of camera and missile like mikes? Only God knows what they do!
Anyway, I jotted down an article within some 25 minutes and forwarded in to Prachi. Her feedback is yet to come. I cannot say whether she liked it or not. May be after reading this blog she feels like coming to me and tell me how it was written. 


  1. Fabulous content, you are a great writer ! i think, You should try to Bollywood.

    1. Thanks, Deepak!!! Bollywood is my ultimate destination.

  2. Liked it specially the line "what a celebrity feels when media personnel run.....Only God knows what they do!! because at times the same idea tends to flash across my mind even. :P

    1. Hmm...I can understand. I promise to share my experience with you when I become a celebrity in years to come. :P


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