Oye, It's Friday!

Thank you God for this Friday and more than that, for the long weekend that is looming ahead! I have got so much to do this weekend. From finishing a few remaining chapters of ‘The Secret’ to washing stinking heaps of clothes lying in my cupboard- multiple things are going to freak me out in forthcoming weekend. Ask me what is the most laborious of tasks for me, I will not struggle to blurt out it is washing clothes that start reeking with weird smell till the weekend arrives. It gives me pain in the head. When I run my eyes over the pile of washable clothes I miss the Videocon washing machine at my house in my hometown.

O-ho! I forgot to mention the most important thing. Seriously, Mohnish! You are so forgetful. Amid washing and reading, I also need to finish one chapter of the novel I am penning down these days. Infidelity! Yes. Nowadays, I am busy with infidel characters of my book called Infidelity, a potpourri of the quintessential Indian characters sharing myriad equations with one another. I am living, walking, sleeping and eating with Yashank, Ritu, Riya and Avinash. These are some of the major characters of Infidelity.
Well, if you people want to read about them, you will have to wait until I finish and get it published. The journey that I embarked upon in January this year will take a few months more before it finally comes to an end. And once out in the market, you can bring these characters to your home. Till then, enjoy your weekend. Go out with your family and friends and have a blast!


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