Over A Cup Of Coffee-Part 1

Every day at perfect 11 am, my gang flocks to the cafeteria of the office for a cup of coffee. Though a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, when we gather together nothing fruitful happens. Everyone makes, with unmatched enthusiasms, new plans – plans about future, and plans that keep changing every passing day.
“I want to improve myself and put off some weight,” Vishal says, biting his nails. I don’t know where he has got this weird disposition from.
“Oh! asshole. You have been saying the same thing since we joined,” Sachin snaps, keeping his newly bought spectacles aside and taking a strong sip of coffee.
Sachin is right. Vishal always whines about his extra pounds, but never hits the gym. But if you ask me seriously, I don’t think he needs to shed much. It’s his tiers around his belly that add new dimension to his personality. Moreover, his tiers are means of our recreation. We never hesitate playing with his jelly-belly whenever we feel like.
Vinod, the lankiest lad from my gang, pitched in. “I want a new job, a job that pays well.” he says, scratching his head hardly. His curly hair looks like a bowl of Maggie which we cannot dare to eat.
Sachin frowns, sipping the coffee. He prepares himself to attack Vinod with his citrus words. “Oh! Mr. Skeleton. Put on some weight first and then try to find a new job. And, for God sake, never dare to go outside when there is a strong breeze blowing. Otherwise it will carry you away with itself.” 
After listening to not-so-great words in his respect, Vinod makes his face. Sumit, another lean guy and competitor of Vinod in lankiness, suppresses a smile hearing to all this. I am observing all of them, writhing merrily in the snug chair of the cafeteria. I try to act busy in sipping coffee and not paying attention to their talks.  
Coffee in our cups is sipped to the last sip. Expect Vinod, no one of us leaves an iota of coffee in our coffee cups. Someone has asked him that leaving some coffee or tea for that matter in your cup shows you are well- cultured.

Cherishing some great, hilarious moments with friends over a cup of coffee have made me a little greedy. I am going to miss these special moments throughout my existence, especially chatting over a cup of coffee! I want to sit with them and talk nonsense endlessly. But it won’t be possible as we have to part our ways one day or another. We all have come of age of maturity, where we need to have a stable ground under our feet. Every one of us is aware of this fact, but which path leads to the destination where we ultimately desire to reach is vague. No matter what happens, we will make our dreams come true and always be friends. Best of friends, to be more precise!


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