It's Acid Raining Everywhere

It is acid raining everywhere. From metropolis to far-flung villages – acid rain is lashing our entire nation like never before. After witnessing an obnoxious season of rapes and molestation, India is now facing an aggressive rain of acid - the acid of revenge and retribution. It is burning several innocent lives as heartbroken lovers, who feel down in the dumps after not receiving positive response, are on the binge of throwing acid on girls, seeking vengeance of unrequited love.
Acid attack on young Indian women is not a new phenomenon, but incidents registered in recent times have reached alarming heights. A huge number of cases of acid assault, especially in remote areas of the country, go untreated and unregistered. It is estimated that around 1,000 incidents of acid attacks took place in India each year. Most of them go unnoticed due to the lethargy of the administration.
Burning in the fire of vengeance, hearts of some self-proclaimed Romeos does not feel content until they burn others by drenching them with scorching acid. With the intention of disfiguring their love and bringing their live to a complete standstill, perpetrators have waged a war of sorts against the fairer sex, dramatically increasing the number of such grisly attacks all over India. What kind of love is this? Why someone finds solace in harming the person he claims to be in love with?
Supreme Court of India has slammed both the Indian Government and State Governments to come up with some stringent measures and restrict sale of acid to control such inhuman assaults. No matter what steps Government takes, perverted minds will not stop until we as a society take up the gauntlet and fight the demons.
We cannot just pat our back on being the world’s largest democracy. We will have to give a protective environment to the fairer sex. If we cannot allow them to live and walk out of the threshold of their houses openly, the world won’t take much time to tag us as the “World’s worst democracy. Jago India Jago! Respect women!


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