Good Versus Bad

A little change in our perception helps us see everything around in a positive light. Universe responses to our changed perception sooner or later and after short period of time even mundane things seem inspiring and fortifying. To call a spade a spade, the belief that man is blessed with an intuitive power of attracting good and evil plays its own significant role in shaping experiences of all mortal creatures and their characters. If you wish to see the good, you will see it happening to you. And if you crib about things all the time, you will find yourself surrounded by circumstances that heighten your pangs. All depends on us what we wish to attract, good or bad? The need of the hour is to change our perception a bit and try to find out some perennial sources of positivism. If one keeps trying persistently, there is nothing that could deter him or her from reaching the ultimate goal of life.  

Amid all this, a new question arises. What is good and what is termed as bad? An easy answer to this question lies in your heart. You do not need to look up to someone of something for your help. Your heart stores simple answer even to the most complex questions. For example, maintaining virginity till marriage might be a deed of dignity for some people, while for others there is no harm in losing it. Some people of certain community may find reading scriptures of other religion disrespectful and sacrilegious, while for others reading religious books of other community is a great source of knowledge and enlightenment. You cannot name any of them as regressive or narrow-minded for that matter. There is a reasoning arising out of their heart that triggers them to approve certain things and disapprove others. 

The world created by omniscient God contains nothing wrong until we go on an expedition of finding wrong in everything that exists. Whatever is there in existence in this mortal creation of God has some secret meaning and purpose behind it. Our duty is to decipher that hidden meaning and unveiled that purpose and then lay a strong foundation of our character. If we succeed in doing so, our life would become more meaningful. 


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