Friends Forever

I am almost doomed today! 29 July, 2013 turns out to be one of the most disastrous days of my existence on earth. Destiny has played its cruel cards. The entire world of mine has come crashing down on me, leaving me unfathomably sad and low-spirited. My genial gang is being dispersed, not for a day or two but for what seems eternity. My friends are leaving the organization we worked in together, for more than one and a half year. No one knows when we will meet again. No one knows when we will have fun together. Our life, within a few fleeting hours, has taken different paths and everyone is as blank about what will come next as I am while writing this blog.
A vast ocean of emotions swirls within me when I muse about the past. I do not know how to articulate any of those emotions, those feelings that I have treasured to cherish throughout my life. Words are failing me, a shocking thing for a writer. I do not know what to write. I push my mind to walk down to the memory lane and bring out the most special moment which I can share with all. But my mind seems more confused than I. It says every moment I spent with my friends is special, unique and unforgettable. So there is no chance to bring out one in particular.
Sachin, Vishal, Vinod, Tej and Sumit, you people are simply amazing. No one in the world can fill the void you all are going to leave in my heart. The thought of coming to office and not finding your smiling faces around sags my heart inside out. I feel miserably helpless when I think that now there would be no fun over a cup of coffee, no lunch together and, most importantly, no leg pulling of one another. I will miss you my fellas! My God bless you in all thick and thins! Go rule the world!


  1. Hey such a heartfelt article :)nice going through it...d day day Vinod came and told me that they are leaving even I felt bad..Because it has been time that I have been in touch with I completely agree with your emotions..but now toh they are here only..So keep ROCKING !! \m/

  2. Nice article bro.. tune itna emotional kr dia ke ab hum ja hi nhi rhe :)

    1. I will never let you people go till I am here. :)


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