A Theater For Loners

Amba Cinema is in quite vicinity to the place where I live. So, whenever I am alone and feel like watching any film, I head towards this popular theater. It pulls huge crowd from different strata of society. From a rich man showing off his expensive mobile to a middle-class man with his family – Amba Cinema boasts of a diverse set of audience. Anybody seeking entertainment at sensationally affordable prices can visit this theater, which recently completed 50 golden years of its existence.
I have been a regular visitor of sorts since I shifted my base to Delhi. Cheap price is not but vicinity is the reason that attracts me towards this theater over and again. Moreover, it is a good outing option for a loner like me. I have seen here several coming alone to the cinema hall, queuing up in long lines for tickets, playing games on mobile phones and randomly ogling at the girls in the premises. And when the gate opens, each one throngs inside with a single purpose: watching a movie that carries them away from the humdrum of life.
Several of my friends call me manic for I watch movies alone. They are right in describing me to some extent, but not entirely. Watching a movie alone has its own advantage. If you want to enjoy a film, go and watch it with friends and family. But if you want to analyze a film, it is advisable to visit the cinema hall all alone. I find an uncanny fun in watching movies alone. All the more so if their genre happens to be love, horror and action. I can analyze them, eulogize if they are good and, at the same time, criticize if they fail to live up to the expectations of the audience. Being a media student and having read cinema as part of my curriculum, I find great satisfaction in watching a film with the critic in me. Comedy flicks are something that I strictly prefer watching with friends as I need someone to laugh along.
In months to come, I may not remain a part of this city. But Amba Cinema will always be there in my memory, to help me reminisce the time when I used to grapple with people in long queues for a piece of paper called movie ticket. 


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