Infidelity Goes on Floor...

Languages and words, which embellish them and make them complete, are an integral part of our communication, in fact our day to day existence. Think for a moment that you have a lot of emotions swirling around in your heart but you lack those words that convey your feelings and sentiments to others. In this situation, it becomes so much difficult to convince the person whom you are being involved in conversation with. Soon after the conversation ends and that person vanishes before our eyes, you kept thinking that if only you would have used that particular word to make the conversation more interesting and meaningful. At that point of time, we think that how important it is to have a tight grip at some particular words. So what you think, do words really holds that much importance? Yes, they do. Our overall being and our world seems so imperfect rather incomplete without words. Now you guys must be thinking that why I am emphasizing so much on the importance of ‘words’! Well, I will not leave you in desperation and tell you what I am talking about. Guys, have you ever wondered that though there are thousands of words we use to get our message and its meaning across to people around us, still we find a set of certain words very close to our heart? Think once again? Have you found any word that best describes you, any specific situation or your entire characteristics in the most possible ways? I am sure there will be many, it all depends on you how quickly and intelligently you find them out.

Ok! Ok! Ok! I know I am being very much philosophical. Let me tell you why I wrote this entire article. The main motive was to let you guys know which new English word is doing the rounds in my mind these days. Hmm... any guess? How would you know? Finally, it's me who will have to answer. It is INFIDELITY! It is a word that has been successful in grabbing my entire attentions for last few weeks, hmm…for a few months to be more precise. I am so much fascinated with this word that I have even started penning down my next book with the same title. I know that most of you would love to evade from this word and prefer not to use one in your entire lifetime. I don't know what your perceptions are, but one thing is sure that it does not emanate that negativity as it has made out to. All depends on how we perceive it and things that had been responsible for the origin of it. I will try my level best to change your perception pertaining to the word in my coming book.


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