You Are Like…

You are like a cool breeze in summer days,
Which touches me like a butterfly settles on the flowers.
At times you seem like some lazy, sunny afternoons,
The scorching sun burns me until you rain like showers.
You are like some chirping birds sitting on tall trees.
I wish to touch you, however, I know I cannot succeed.
You are like the smell of some beautiful old books.
I treasure them like insane for my future use.
You are like the melodies of some old, melodious songs,
Which I kept murmuring in my lonely times.
You are like an array of some twinkling stars.
I keep counting them, but fail all the times.
You are like a perfect world I always dreamt of.
It abounds in bliss and nothing decays here.
I wish you descend on earth to be my soul-mate.
And I could embrace you in my arms without any fear.


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