Valley of Peace

Once I was an adorable valley of peace,
With serpentine lakes and spinning breeze,
I was very proud of my divine pulchritude,
And my people used to dwell at altitude.
A plop of nut dropping into calm water,
Used to produce some laudable shrieks,
I would swell with an unfathomable pride,
As my white nectar would fall on rosy cheeks,
Time has changed swiftly, so did the people,
They spoilt my ambience and made it lethal,
Now there is an agitated mob of pelting stones,
And some innocent souls with puling faces.
Now it seems there is no beam of hope,
Religion of humanity is dwindling away,
Clouds seem to be highly soaked,
Serenity of my region is drying away.
Who will come to douse the turmoil?
To give withered faces an invaluable smile,
So that people could come forth for reconciliation,
And sow some seeds of brotherhood on my soil.


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