Love or Insanity?

I think, that day it rose in the sky earlier than its usual timings. I had some inkling of what was going on in its insufferably hot and flaring mind. It had appeared earlier that morning just to throw salt on my incurable wounds.
I was sitting in my garden, trying to retain my most-of-the-time-lost composure and self-possession. No sooner did I attain some inward calmness than it came out from behind the clouds and threw its rays on my lissome bod. Are you all getting whom I am talking about? It is our very own sun. Though I do not harbor any personal grudges against the sun, sometimes it makes me feel aloof and unwanted.
“Why don’t you do what I suggest you?” The sun said.
“What?” I asked.
“Kill your all emotions as they will never get the kind of nurturing you always craved for”. The sun reminded me of what he had asked me a few days ago.
“Don’t I have any right to taste the nectar of love? Will my life always remain a barren field where there will be no rain of unconditional affection?” I asked dewy-eyed.
“You know the answer very well”, the sun said and started glowing harder and harder.
I was in no mood to continue this never-ending argument with the sun. I left the garden and made my way to my adobe.
The whole day passed and dusk fell. Some more hours lapsed and the moon appeared swinging. It also tried to make fun of my innocent feelings, but I did not show any sign of hesitation and worry. All the stars praised me for my boldness. After spending some time under starry sky I came in my room and tried to sleep. But, before sleeping I jotted down some lines which describe the whole incident in a lyrical way.
Everyone mocks me in extreme abundance,
As they see me celebrating unrequited romance.
They wonder how I am so calm and composed,
Though my love is seen nowhere around.
The sun says I have become wholly insane,
As I give myself unbearable pain.
I retort that aloofness offers me vigour
It revitalizes me again and again.
When the sun sets and dusk falls,
The moon shines from behind the stars.
It quips me about being in love,
I snub it to tease my scars.
All say it is my brazen audacity,
My love is not love it is insanity.
I just want to ask them all,
Who are they to judge my affinity?


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