A long soothing slumber!

Like every other day, Uncle tried his level best to wake me up early this morning also. But, today I was in no mood to kowtow to him in any case. After all, my exams are over and I could easily be given a privilege of stretching my sleeping hours. But who can make a middle aged man understand all these things?
I begged for a short nap, that I promised him would not exceed more than ten minutes. Finally, he relented, but asked me to finish my morning tea first. “Now what the shit is this?” I thought grimacing. My Uncle knows well that I never put my lips on tea-cup without giving my teeth a five minutes long brushing session. Then how he thought I would slurp down my tea today without brushing my teeth.
Anyways, Uncle put the cup onto the stool and went out of the room. As he moved out, I collected myself to fall into the lap of much needed slumber that I had been deprived of since I returned from my hometown after enjoying Holi. Though I was struggling hard to bring my half-broken sleep to my eyes again, my nostrils were getting filled with the delicious smell of the tea that was wafting through the air and preventing me from concentrating on my sleep.
Few minutes passed, and I could not make out when sleep took the complete possession of my exhausted body. When I opened my eyes and stole a glance at the clock, it was 8 ‘O’ clock. I could not know how the time ran so swiftly. When I scanned the tea, a thick and dark layer of cream was floating all over it. Uncle was getting dressed up for the office. I was expecting a severe reprimand for getting up so late, but he said noting.
I am feeling very invigorating today. Today’s long slumber has reinvented and revitalized me. Let’s see when the same thing happens again. I am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for the time when the same opportunity of long slumber knocks at my door one more time.


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