Life is full of loads of surprises. Some of them can be in accordance with our consciousness whereas some may be inestimably unwelcoming. Sometimes they trigger smile on our faces and sometimes they shatter our inner world to the extent that our life seems in the state of complete disorder. But, we cannot help it as it is the inescapable nature of surprises. Surprises can surprise you at any moment.
Being an extremely individualistic personality I always give immense important even to those small feelings and emotions that many people might think do not deserve attention and nurturing. Some people may even go on saying that they are not emotional at all and thus feelings and emotions have no place in their lives. But don’t you think by saying something wholly unrealistic they cheat themselves? At heart everyone is emotional, though degree of one’s being emotional may vary due to variety of reasons. Some express themselves openly some don’t.
As I have mentioned earlier that human emotions mean a lot to me. They nourish and shape my understanding of things and people around me. That is why I keep deciphering meaning of emotions as they provide fodder to my yet to be ripen creativity and of course, maturity.
Two years ago, life gave me a beautiful surprise when I got admission in GGS Indraprath University. When I was stepping out of the boundaries of my hometown and coming to the national capital, Delhi, I had ample of apprehensions in my mind. “What kind of people I would come across?” “How well I would gel with them?” these were some mind-boggling questions my skull was buzzed with. But, thanks to God that everything turned out to be very welcoming and pleasant. Here I found some people who accepted me with open arms and some whom I accepted with open arms. There is nothing I could do in these two years to express my gratitude (some complaints also) to those people who made this two years long journey a memorable one. But, I will surely try to incorporate my genuine feelings and emotions into words to show them that how my heart portrays their images into words.
My upcoming blogs will feature some of my special friends at USMC one by one. And the list includes- Anu Bararia, Mohd Mustaquim, Kanika Bahl, Mohd Ujaley, Keerti Sharma, Tanya Talwar, Pramod Pandey, Mohit Kishore Vats, Ratika Kohli and last but certainly not the least, Mr. Danish Khan.


  1. Hey thats a nice one! I'll be looking forward for the rest..

  2. what a darl!! So sweet! xoxoxox..


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