All the Best!

An exciting and exhilarating phase of life has come to an end and it seems life is sitting on the cusp of maturity. Now we all have to come out of our cloistered shelters with firm determination to face the fresh challenges of real and cruel world. In days to come our future is going to unfold the cards of our destiny and tell us what the omniscient God has to offer for all of us.
Now, the time has heralded beginning of a new journey that will end on the shady side of fifty or sixty. The time in between both phases of life is very precious and it will be interestingly thrilling to see whether life turns out to be a bed of roses or a bed of thorns. Don’t worry Guys! I know we all are capable enough to make roses bloom even in barren field in case life throws thorns onto our path. Now, the onus is on our shoulders to fill our life with all the happiness and luxury we always craved for.
Here, sitting in the ground of Hindu College, I pray for the well-being of all my class fellows who yesterday took their last exam to be post graduated in communication studies and wish them all the very best for their future. May God help all you guys in winning laurels in whatever fields of media you foray into! May God give you strength and wisdom to reach the zenith of power and prosperity in time to come!


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