Happy Birthday, Anuj.

Today is the 22nd birthday of my closest friend, Anuj Singh. For last two years I have been in Delhi and thus missing his birthday bash at my hometown, Hardoi. Though I wished him early in the morning, I'm missing the treat he used to give me at Lakhan Sweet Shop. Oh my God! As I recall that most famous shop of my hometown I start salivating instantly. At once that smell of delicious sweets seems to be wafting through my nose and suddenly a spoonful of saliva oozes out from the tiny pores of my pink tongue. This is what I can recollect sitting in the computer laboratory of my University in Delhi. I know that in the evening my buddy will be celebrating his birthday bash with his pals in Hardoi. But, I, being his closest friend, won't be able to join in. One thing I am sure of is that my friend would certainly miss me while slicing his birthday cack.


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