Parliament in the Logjam

It has been almost thirteen consecutive working days since the temple of democracy is not functioning properly because of perennial disturbances and walkouts of the opposition. The main bone of contention for this deadlock is the demand of JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) by the Opposition to carry out a successful probe into the high profile 2G scam that has siphoned off a hefty amount of Rs. 176,000 crore.
By not allowing Parliament to function, our representatives in the house are wasting the time that should have been devoted on debating crucial bills that would certainly make some positive difference in the lives of common people of the nation. The careless attitude of some parliamentarians does not only shows their aversion to getting those important bills passed but wastage of tax payer’s money also.
The Communal Violence Bill, Land Acquisition Bill, The National Identification Authority of India Bill, The Rehabilitation & Resettlement Bill and Mines & Minerals Amendment bill, The Wakf Amendment Bill are some of those important bills that are waiting to see the light of the day.
We know that our Parliament needs at least Rs 25 crore to function for a single day. Even then some audacious parliamentarians do not care for the money that directly comes from tax payers’ pocket. It is hard to digest that these are the same money-minded MPs that left no stone unturned to get their salary increased by three hundred percent a few months ago. If they can die for hike in their salaries then why they don’t understand the pang of common man that whines to see the sheer wastage of his money due to the unwelcoming stalemate in the house? They should at least respect the money that is earned by the sweat and blood of the common people.
Seeing the current situation it seems impossible to have proper proceedings in the Parliament soon. Till then let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that our representatives cooperate with the government. This will not only ensure the smooth passage of various pending bills in the house but proper utilization of nation’s valuable money also.


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