Ooops! Pheromone does not exist

Yesterday I was reading newspaper like any other day. When I was flipping through its various pages, I came across an interesting report that says the chemical thought to be the key element to attracting the opposite sex does not even exist.
The report further says that a new study conducted by a leading scientist Richard Doty of Penn State University’s School of Medicine, reveals that the mysterious chemical “Pheromones”-that are said to be a binding force in bringing two people of opposite sex together-do not exist.
Doty further says he does not believe that a single chemical emitted by one person can induce a behavioural change in another person of the same species. In his latest book called “The Great Pheromone Myth”, he completely dismissed the entire concept that has been around since the late 1950’s.
I first heard about this chemical in a report on Star News. I was, I guess, around fifteen then. The report whetted my curiosity to gather more information on the topic, but I could never find out more. Now, when it has been proven that the whole concept is a figment, I feel happy that I did not waste my time on searching thing that does not even exist.


  1. Holy cows! i have spent almost four years of my life teasin my love that he is a pheromone machine like a rabbit.. Mohinish, my love, the man who is dousing this great miraculous phenomenon gotta be kiddin cuz his's doesnt work.


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