A Hard Punch to the Cast Politics

Finally, the electorate of Bihar has moved forward. They have used their right to vote as a powerful tool to write their destiny at least for five years to come. The landslide victory of Nitish Kumar in Bihar polls is the perfect example that how voters have come to know the power of voting. The victory of Nitish Kumar in essembly polls has shown that electorate of Bihar has finally learnt the real meaning of democracy where cast politics has no significant role to play.
The voters of Bihar have brought Nitish Kumar back to the thrown on the basis of his development programs, that worked as a boon in development starved state, and not on the basis of cast and religion. His victory raises a positive ray of hope and ensures that for more five years Bihar’s fate is in right hands.
The massive defeat of Lalu Prasad in the assembly polls, who always played cast trump in his favor to win elections, has proven that people of the state want an uncorrupt government that works for upliftment of the common people and establishes law and order in the state after many years of jungal raj.
Nitish Kumar’s victory should be seen as a victory of an uncontroversial and meritorious leadership over dynasty politics. All the parties that harbour desires of winning polls by playing cast politics should learn a lesson from Nitish Kumar’s stupendous victory that they can no longer make electorate fool on the basis of cast and religion.
And I hope his success would also send out a strong and clear message to those who think they can gain the favour of voters with money and power. Pliticians, who believe that by sleeping in a dalit’s house and having dinner at another dalit’s house could help in winning elections, should come out of dream. Thses tricks can undoutedly help in getting some catchy headlines in the newspapers and some coverage in prime time slot of news channels, but do not show that one is a popular mass leader.


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