Happiness Around Us!

One of my close friends once gave me the address of a path that, according to him, leads to the palaces of imperishable happiness. He was little bit upset that day. So was I. We were on our way to the nearest metro station when I asked him something muttering. After hearing my question a slightly wicked smile triggered on his face. I thought as If I had asked someting very wierd. But, to be very frank, my question was not that much rediculous. But, seeing his smiling face I brimmed with excitement and repeated my question again. I asked him what were the possible ways that promised a human soul happiness. He said nothing and kept silent for a couple of minutes. When I iterated my question nudging him he smiled again. Seeing my stubborness he relented and said that if someone really wants to be free from all shackles of sorrow, it's better stop expecting from other's too much. When he said so, I thought he was upset. I did not expecte such a rude answer from him. Inside metro station we parted our ways for ours respective metro lines. When I was inside metro coach, I gave a second thought to his reply. I thought, was my buddy really rude or his answer was implicit with something very deep meaning that I was not able to decipher?


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