Madhur’s Cinema for Posterity

A good news for those who are voracious lovers of Madhur Bandarkar’s cinema of reality as all the movies churned out by the ace director are going to book a space in government’s archival data for Indian films.
National Films Archive of India which falls under the ministry of Information and Broadcasting has decided to preserve all the films of Madhur Bandarkar.
National Films Archive of India which promotes healthy film culture in country and safeguards the heritage of Indian cinema for the future generation has been playing a pivotal role in familiarising the world with culture of Indian cinema since its inception. It also provides scholarship for research in various aspects of Indian cinema.
Bhandarkar, who has bagged three National awards, has become the first director from the brigade of gen-next directors whose films Chandani Bar, Page-3, Corporate, Traffic Signal, Fashion and Jail are going to be a part of NFAI.
Anu Bararia, a student and a die-hard fan of Madhur’s films, says: “I’m extremely happy to know that NFAI is going to preserve his films. I like his films very much and make it point to watch his every film as soon as it hits the theatre”
While Anu likes Madhur’s films, which are often touted as the mirror of modern and metro-centric society, Danish Khan, a media student at GGSIP University, Delhi, has something different to say. He says: “Why only his films are being preserved if there are many other movies which are far better than those of Madur’s? I’m not saying his films are not good but they lack mass appeal”
Though Madhur’s cinema always gained critical appreciation, we hope he would make movies which could get eyeballs of the masses along with the classes.


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