In The Memory Of Those Painful Moments

Today is 26th November 2010. The whole nation observes the second anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack and pays respectful homage to the the deceased of the attack.
Two years have passed since one of the deadliest terror attacks took the financial capital of India, Mumbai, by storm when terrorist attack multiple sites in the city.

By the time I post my first article on Blogspot almost every newspaper and broadcast media would have reminded you of what else happened on that bleak date of Indian history that proved to be India's 9/11. So here I would not prefer to get down to the nitty-gritty of those painful sixty hours of intense fighting where we lost almost 165 people of our country including some bravest of officials. Here I would like to raise one question that often intrigues my brain that why our country always fails to send out a strong and clear message to the nation that breeds terrorist who pose great threat to the integrity and security of our nation?

Everybody knows that the blueprint of Mumbai terror strike was assiduously planned out in the epicenter of terrorism – Pakistan. Even then culprits of this barbaric and heinous act are roaming scot-free in Pakistan that seems to be the master of cross-border terrorism in India.
Though the lone gunman of the 26/11 fidayeen assault, Ajmal Amir Kasab in the custody of Mumbai Police has accepted his connection to the LeT, India neither could build any expedient pressure on Pak to extradite the mastermind of the attack nor it exercise any military action against Pakistan.
When it comes to bring all those responsible for the attack to the book, India always looks up to US to keep International pressure on Pak. Can't it act on its own to provide fool-proof security to its countrymen?
India needs to take some stringent actions with more seriousness to tackle the issue of cross-border terrorism that continues to paralyze it every now and then. Remembering people who lost their lives on 26/11 is not sufficient. If we really want to render peace to those deceased souls then we will have to be more assertive. Otherwise there will be no surprise if India faces some more Mumbai like attacks in time to come.


  1. No surprise You have done it again through your clear writing. Like you, we also wait for action..May it come soon..


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